Top 3 Boat Trends of 2017 (so far)

boat trends

Can you believe we’re already knee deep into the third quarter of 2017? That being said, it’s been a fantastic year to be on the water, with little in the way of major action in the tropics to put a damper on our fun. As time passes, boating, like everything, advances at what feels like an ever-quickening rate.

Don’t worry–if you can’t keep up, you’re not alone. But, as people with our ear to the ground (or is it water?), here are a few of 2017’s biggest boat trends (so far).

Top 3 Boat Trends You Should Know About

  • Digital Everything: From throttles to dashboards, more and more of our modern boats tend to be going digital. Digital replacements of complicated, traditionally mechanical parts not only provide often far smoother operation but also reduce the amount of moving parts that boat owners have to worry about repairing. On the digital dashboard front, new touchscreen LCDs are not only aesthetically pleasing but allow for more information to be displayed in one place, including GPS and weather reports. 
  • LEDs: When it comes to lighting, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Not only are traditional bulbs less energy efficient (putting a bigger strain on your battery), but they are far less reliable, especially on the water. Longer lasting and relatively easy to install, LEDs are also highly customizable, allowing boaters to change colors on the fly in some models. 
  • Convertible Seating: If a minivan can have fold-away seating or a bench that turns into two separate seats, why can’t your boat? Whether taking a romantic trip for two or a full-family excursion, your next boat may be able to accommodate with convertible, highly customizable seating.

Of course, the above three trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new boat trends sweeping the scene. The one commonality among all three, though, is the fact that all are new methods of making boating easier, more intuitive and less of a hassle. Like trending tech advancements everywhere, time brings boating innovation that we’re sure to enjoy well into the future. For now, enjoy the digital displays and throttles, LED lighting and convertible seating that help make modern boating a breeze.